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The TECOMOABESOS spirit is sweet, relaxed and attractive style that flatters children thanks to its exquisite design and exclusive colours. Elegance with French inspiration and a clear authenticity that connects with children and whose essence is excellence in quality and attention to detail.

Garments that reveal dedication, love and perseverance from the first sketches to the packaging, taking care of every detail for an impeccable result. The garments are the beginning and the main axis of all collections. Our elegant designs guarantee pure comfort with 100% natural materials such as organic cotton and peruvian pima cotton.

All collections are designed in Argentina. The monitoring carried out throughout the manufacturing of each garment guarantees absolute quality control. Tecomoabesos works with original fabrics as well as unique prints from Argentina and Perú. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, extra-long staple length and hand harvesting, Peruvian pima cotton is the world’s finest, prized for its exceptional durability, softness and brilliant luster.

At Tecomoabesos we pay tribute to children and their style, their expressiveness and their innate authenticity.

At Tecomoabesos we create charming clothes for children with charm.


We dream of a TCBaby that can change the reality of some minorities; specifically, of those families that cannot get the basic care that human beings need in a critical stage of their lives: early childhood. We envision a brand that works together with other organizations and the community itself to ensure basic care, and we contributewith what we know best: making safe high-quality clothes for babies and children from 0 to 6 years old.


Our purpose is to ensure that an increasing numberof children have a happy childhood. We do this through the design, production and sale of clothes made with organic fabric and being part of a network of organizations that strives to improve the basic care of early childhood.



➔ Early childhood protection

➔Supporting families and being sensitive to their needs

➔ Fair prices and decent work

➔ Community involvement and care

➔ Organic materials and fabric that are good for both people and the environment

➔Sustainable fashion

➔ Responsible consumption

➔Minority prioritization



  • We work with social organizations that protect early childhood and help to satisfy the comprehensive needs of families.
  • We hire experts in early childhood care to offer the community training and support options for families.
  • Our production chain is built on bondsof trust with local workshops that are visited and inspected to ensure decent work standards are met.
  • We strive for environmental care through the use of ecological and organic materials, spreading environmental care values among our customers.
  • We work with our social network followers to raise awareness of our values.

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