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TCB Project.



We dream of a TCBaby that can change the reality of some minorities; specifically, of those families that cannot get the basic care that human beings need in a critical stage of their lives: early childhood. We envision a brand that works together with other organizations and the community itself to ensure basic care, and we contributewith what we know best: making safe high-quality clothes for babies and children from 0 to 6 years old.


Our purpose is to ensure that an increasing numberof children have a happy childhood. We do this through the design, production and sale of clothes made with organic fabric and being part of a network of organizations that strives to improve the basic care of early childhood.



➔ Early childhood protection

➔Supporting families and being sensitive to their needs

➔ Fair prices and decent work

➔ Community involvement and care

➔ Organic materials and fabric that are good for both people and the environment

➔Sustainable fashion

➔ Responsible consumption

➔Minority prioritization



  • We work with social organizations that protect early childhood and help to satisfy the comprehensive needs of families.
  • We hire experts in early childhood care to offer the community training and support options for families.
  • Our production chain is built on bondsof trust with local workshops that are visited and inspected to ensure decent work standards are met.
  • We strive for environmental care through the use of ecological and organic materials, spreading environmental care values among our customers.
  • We work with our social network followers to raise awareness of our values.

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